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Robert Berrier polycounter lvl 10

High Priority – Game Art is looking for artists to bolster our ranks. Remote work, freelance and long-term. We seek long term collaboration, and so will prefer those who support that. See our work to get an impression who we are: https://highpriority.com/

Skills we seek:

  • At least 5 years of professional experience at a studio larger than 5 people.
  • Great communication, competency & autonomous work ethic. We expect people to handle challenges and deliver beyond expectations. At this time we cannot hold your hand, and cannot support interns or those that are learning.
  • - Strong understanding of art fundamentals, anatomy, form and structure, composition, color, silhouetting, simplification, readability, style and aligning to art directions.
  • - Strong understanding on the full character pipeline: blockout, sculpting, retopology, UV’s, textures, materials, feedback iterations and engine implementation.
  • - Strong understanding on optimized modeling for game characters: Correct edge flow, topology, rigging and skinning needs, texture and material needs, engine specific needs.
  • - Strong understanding of both sculpting and low-poly character creation. Able to sculpt realistic characters. As well as low-poly hand-painted characters. Able to create in any style and quality.

  • To apply, please provide the following: Public portfolio showing your skills, knowledge and experience. (Non-public work like a google drive folder is not accepted.)
  • Show your experience though a resume or LinkedIn
  • Contact information
  • What type of work, style or projects do you prefer, or are you good at.

I am not super active on Polycount, so it’s best to shoot me an email at [email protected]. This lands into my work inbox.

Hopefully we get a chance to work together.


Robert Berrier | Managing Director & Master 3D Artist

High Priority - Game Art

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