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Problem with a model from Zbrush to Marmoset

Hello everyone, this is the first time that I write, since it is also the first time that something like this has happened to me.

I created a model in Zbrush, sculpted, uv, etc etc.

When I import the model with the subdivision level to 0 in Marmoset and add the subdivision to 2 in Marmoset, the model is different from when it is in Zbrush with the same subdivision level.

I am attaching a couple of screenshots to better understand the problem


How can I solve?


  • EarthQuake

    Toolbag uses Catmull-Clark sub-division. I'm not sure what sub-d technique Zbrush uses, but if it's a different smoothing algorithm that could explain discrepancies between the two applications.

    Additionally, Zbrush is capable of editing the mesh at each sub-d level, so if you're exporting level 0, you may not be including all of the geometry information. You may want to export your highest sub-d level from ZBrush instead.

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