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Creating procedurally generated buildings using quixel

Hi everyone!

This is my first post, and I wanted to ask for feedback and maybe even ideas for this procedural building tool I'm working on.

I created a tool that can generate buildings based on a box input, this box could have extrusions if you want your building to have a different shape. You can put in your modular meshes per floor, so there is a lot of customization!

I still want to add some fire escape ladders, and maybe some pipes and cables.

Here is a render I made with unreal engine and Quixel models. I would love to get some feedback. I also need a good idea on how to present the tool so that it really shows the flexibility (maybe I could create an environment with them?)



  • Eric Chadwick

    It helps to show the tool in action. Attention span are exceedingly short these days, so try a sped up version showing a building being erected from nothing.

    Link to another video that shows the actual tool UI and provides a concise run through of the core features.

  • AnoukDonkers

    I like the idea of splitting up the videos! Thanks Eric!

  • jgarrison
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    jgarrison polycounter lvl 5

    Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing the tool in action! I'm curious if the tool itself is a plug-in for Unreal, Blender, Maya, etc or a standalone thing (probably the former?) There is a real lack of good procedural building plug-ins for Blender, at least. If you were able to generate all that procedurally using a few boxes and extrusions, that's very cool.

    You may want to figure out a way to break up texture repetition (Maybe something like this?) as well as a way to make the corners look more natural. (One Click Damage is a good example). Also, this would be extra, but having a way to place objects that you would find on the top and sides of a building (ladders, pipes, and cables as you said, also roof fixtures like air conditioners and vents and so on) with a single click, maybe randomized based on a seed or something, would be really useful.

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