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[FINISHED]Monastery Fountain

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prateekart polycounter lvl 3

Hi Guys, I have been working on this for a while now ,it is still WIP but I am looking for some critique it would help me to get the best out of it.

Most of the texturing work is still WIP I have been trying to separate the interior from exterior in terms of withering right now textures for exterior are in place but I still need to polish the variation through vertex blending

Working in UE5 to get my output loving it so far


  • prateekart
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    prateekart polycounter lvl 3

    Personal Project Art I am responsible for Modeling Texturing and lighting Material Creation for the project .Environment project I took the challenge to finish it through a lot of procrastination and after a lot of sleepless nights. I have worked on this since Feb finally calling it done though still can see lot of areas to improve but I will keep them for another project. Texture for Trees and box weed and Ground are taken from Megascans amazing library.

    Check it out here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OmkEEk

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