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Tips for Cleanly Baking Continuous Overlapping Cloth?

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Alehr polycounter lvl 10

Hey Everybody,

I'm curious to hear some tips on how I might go about getting a clean bake of a continuous mesh that touches or folds onto itself. My current conundrum is a sash that is wrapped around a waist. Usually when I see overlap my instinct is to explode into multiple parts, but in this case I'd like to have a continuous low poly mesh that isn't chopped up and exploded or more generally retopologized to be an average mass of the shape.

The only real solutions I can think of seem really convoluted, for example baking them as unfolded flat sheets and then "wrapping" them around with some kind of a common armature... but then I'd already need the relevant folds sculpted?

Would love to hear your thoughts! My current workflow is blender -> substance but I'm curious to hear about solutions or approaches in other packages as well.


  • Neox
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    Neox high dynamic range

    either mesh it together and bake as one piece. or bake in batches and sticht it together you have no chance to bake this as one overlapping piece without overlapping artifacts

  • Alehr
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    Alehr polycounter lvl 10

    Thanks I think the approach of dividing and separating out parts of the mesh, baking and then stitching them back together was exactly the solution I was looking for. Seems obvious in hindsight but is a huge help. Thank you!

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