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Tips for Cleanly Baking Continuous Overlapping Cloth?

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Alehr polycounter lvl 10

Hey Everybody,

I'm curious to hear some tips on how I might go about getting a clean bake of a continuous mesh that touches or folds onto itself. My current conundrum is a sash that is wrapped around a waist. Usually when I see overlap my instinct is to explode into multiple parts, but in this case I'd like to have a continuous low poly mesh that isn't chopped up and exploded or more generally retopologized to be an average mass of the shape.

The only real solutions I can think of seem really convoluted, for example baking them as unfolded flat sheets and then "wrapping" them around with some kind of a common armature... but then I'd already need the relevant folds sculpted?

Would love to hear your thoughts! My current workflow is blender -> substance but I'm curious to hear about solutions or approaches in other packages as well.


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