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Hello there,

I'd like to bring to your attention that akeytsu has recently changed its pricing, and is now free to use. You can learn more about this news here on the official website :


Note : as the free version is temporarily the educational one, you need to provide a file (any image will work, please refrain from sending borderline content of course)

If you don't know "akeytsu", it's a standalone rigging, skinning & animation software. It offers an efficient toolset for a great user experience, its goal is to reduce technical steps required to start animating an asset. 

Last year, I made the following trailer on top of my daytime job. All except procedural animation (like foliage or explosions VFX) has been made with akeytsu. A friend helped me with a sequence of 5 shots, he usually animates on Maya and he found the workflow here really excellent

I recently made a comparison between what's animated on akeytsu and the final shot, so you can figure out a bit better how it's done

Finally, I want to express that akeytsu is not made only for animators, I've been making mostly 3D environments & characters for years, and learned animation through this wonderful software. Now I rig every asset I can, for projects and/or portfolio. I think it always makes a difference when having an idle (even simple) to present your own work, as it gives more soul to your characters

I wish you all the best with it !

Des Bisous ♥


  • pior
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    pior grand marshal polycounter


    First of all congrats on the great work on the software but also on the demo characters. Excellent stuff really. I've been following Akeytsu for a little while, trying the demo here and there and it really is interesting.

    As for the current version : While the blog post states that anyone can grab a free Education license, the registration for it seems to still require a university photo ID.

  • Vexod14
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    Vexod14 polycounter

    Hello @pior ,

    Thank you for your feedback, I forgot to mention the free version is currently base on the educational one. The file required can be whatever you want, I'll update the post so other users won't miss the info.

    I wish you all the best with the tool !

  • FourtyNights
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    FourtyNights polycounter


    I'm curious about this software, since I'm interested in skinning/binding (and maybe even [control] rigging) my characers to a skeleton. But most importantly, does it have a non-destructive layer system for weights, like Maya's ngSkinTools plugin has? https://www.ngskintools.com

  • Vexod14
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    Vexod14 polycounter

    @FourtyNights it doesn't, or at least not as deep as ngskintools. I used this plugin back in 2016 and the same year I discovered akeytsu, its simplicity everywhere seduced me so much I abandonned maya

    I'd say the skinning approach is different in akeytsu, I actually find it extremely precise once you get how all the toolset works. You can use the duoskin (kind of a layered system with a rigid then a smooth skinning), but the core part is the skin atelier table which allows a really precise work within already defined areas. It's not easy to explain in a few words but it's really solid

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