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How in the world do I camera match photos of cars? [Pic related]

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anuragipushp triangle

Hey guys, I started 3D modeling a couple of years ago as a hobbyist but I really want to pursue it as a career and before that, I want to hone my skills to a presentable level. I am really interested in vehicle modeling for games as I really like cars. I typically model using the blueprints technique and there's always some errors and inaccuracies . The final results are not accurate even when I try my best to eye out the details, they turn out to be completely off compared to the real deal. My question is that how do I camera match real life images such as this one that I found on Google so that I can get some accuracy in my modeling going on. It is really bothering me. I've searched the internet and it seems like there used to be a program called ImageModeler by Autodesk but it has been discontinued now. Would you guys please help me out with this? I tried experimenting the other day with a photo of car. I tried matching a cylinder to the wheel but I failed to get it right and even when I did get it right to some extent, the rear wheel just couldn't match with the cylinder at all even though I put in the correct focal length that was used to take the picture. Any help would be appreciated.


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