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Hi, I've recently graduated college and would like some brutal critiques on my portfolio. I'd like to know what I can do to make my portfolio the best of the best! I mainly focus on 3D environments, but any feedback at all is welcome.



  • Lukes3D
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    Lukes3D triangle

    Awesome work. AAA game quality.

    You might want to make more projects showing what you done. It looks like you worked on very little until clicking through the images. The armor suit could be a project itself.

    The models look good. It looks like they are being rendered in realtime with a game engine like unity. I would drop them in a 3d renderer like blender cycles, etc, and render them out with dynamic light, HDR, and all that stuff.

    Putting a shadow under your single models, instead of having them float in the air would look better imo. Look into how you can setup that kind of studio type lighting for your models.

  • plaintextures
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    plaintextures polycounter lvl 11

    Your textures scale is off. Some parts of objects are also too big in proportion.

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G insane polycounter


    Some points you can improve on imo:

    Mesh shading: Some corners lack definition, look too smooth, for example with the Abbys arches. Use more hard edges or control shading with additional geometry.

    Textures: Surfaces look too simple, with generated patterns apparent. Also better use of trim sheets (no beveled edges showing).

    Construction details: On closer look some objects are not believable or very simple. For example on many of the furniture in the weapon shop the wood direction is the wrong way.

    I recommend to use additional references alongside concept art. For quality, style and presentation too!

    If you wanted to make drastic edits, you could pick pieces you feel most motivated working on and rework/polish them.

    Maybe consider participating bi monthly environment challenge?

    Keep it up!

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