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Toolbag 4.04 Available Now

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📢 We’re proud to announce the release of Toolbag 4.04, a free update for all Toolbag 4 users. This update focuses on emulating physical camera qualities to help you capture even more realistic renders. We’ve also updated the rendering backend to the latest API, DirectX 12, boosting ray-tracing quality and overall performance. 

Some of the remarkable features shipped with Toolbag 4.04 include:

🙌 DirectX 12 Support 

🏃 Motion Blur 

📷 Ray-Traced Depth of Field 

💡 Realistic Lens Flares (Updated)

👥 Convincing Shadow Catchers (Updated)

🌾 Realistic Grain (Film & Digital)

💾 Autosave 

Learn more about Toolbag 4.04: https://marmoset.co/posts/toolbag-4-04-available-now/ 

Download 4’s free 30-day trial today and try out the latest features: marmoset.co/toolbag

🎨 Artwork by Jake Woodruff.


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