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How do studios organize and keep track of game art assets and updates over years of development?


We're a small team looking to improve our game assets management, tracking and storage capabilities. As our projects continue and we generate more assets, I'd like to help make it easier to track changes made to them, as well as find them easily.

We currently upload to Google Drive to download and upload assets as and when required but it's clearly an inefficient method and doesn't scale.

Are there tools to help with this? I was looking for something similar to SourceTree where you can maintain branches, revert and merge changes and stuff. What's industry standard in this area? Preferably with an interface that artists can understand easily.

How do studios from indies to AAA manage and track game art assets and changes made to them? This can range from fbx/ obj and image files to software files (such as painter, designer, maya, unity, zbrush, etc).

Thanks in advance! I'm eagerly looking forward to your suggestions.


  • Neox
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    Neox high dynamic range

    internally usually perforce for the data

    with externals add svn, dropbox, gdrive, box and other open source or cloud services to the mix

    for asset tracking, the most common we run into are

    Shotgun/Shotgrid, Jira, Alienbrain

    internally we use svn and jira/confluence for our stuff and use whatever the clients want us to use.

  • poopipe
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    poopipe godlike master sticky

    Perforce is flat out the best option for version control on art assets.

    It'll run on AWS if you need to support remote working etc..

    For work tracking..

    Shotgun seems popular - I hate it, I'm probably wrong.

    Hansoft is great for iterative work with dependency chains

    Jira is bad for iterative work and good for bugs

    None of it's worth anything if it's not used properly - whatever you do, invest in training

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