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Networking anyone ?

Hey guys new to the site trying to get to know the community would love to just chat and learn from y’all see where your heads are at :)


  • tgm79
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    tgm79 polycounter lvl 3

    Networking? Community? As you may have figured already this site is the worst when it comes to those things. Barely anyone responds.

  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J veteran polycounter

    I think a lot of people use discord or similar these days. I believe there is a slack for polycount too.

    Forum is still best archive of information though. If you want to find answer to some question its much faster to search than ask on noisy discord and then have to patiently deal with somebody who wants to help but knows less than you already do.

    If you have specific technical questions it's still very easy to get answers here though. But i think for hanging out, obviousl live chat type of thing is better for that.

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