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(Mostly) hand painted Anne Shirley

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AlFus polycounter lvl 2

I've been working on this portrait of the titular character from the Anne with an E show. I wanted to achieve a watercolor painting feel using Eevee but I'm not really satisfied with the result, I'm already working on improving the silhouette of the ears. Any feedback is welcome!

Some higher res renders with a bit of color correction:

This illustration by Leo Batic and this shot from the series were my main references:



  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G ngon master

    Hey! Interesting project 👍️

    The model looks a bit flat to me (nose and chin for example). I think that's partly because surfaces miss specular highlights. You could either try to achieve this with shader & lighting or paint it in the diffuse. Also some parts of the face could use some more redness (ears, cheeks).

    The ears look a bit undefined, but you already mentioned that you are reworking them.

    Keep it up!

  • AlFus
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    AlFus polycounter lvl 2

    Thank you Fabi_G! I'll apply the changes when possible. I'll try to achive the specular feel by painting the base color.

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