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Unreal Engine 4 texturing glitch/distortion. HELP

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So I am currently working on a porsche 911 rsr model and I would like to render it in UE4. However, when applying the textures to the model in UE4, the base colour is wavy and pixelated. In Maya and substance, it is completely fine. All of the UVs have been unfolded. I thought that it could be a triangulation error, but I have imported a new model and a new set of textures, still no luck,


  • Mink
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    Mink polycounter lvl 4

    Are your triangles exactly the same? If you didn't export your model with baked triangles before texturing, you WILL have triangulation errors. Remember that quads are extremely prone to creating non Euclidian surfaces (they almost always do) and need to be resolved before attempting to render in any realtime application.

    Remember that for a quad to be euclidian, and therefore concretely renderable, each pair of opposing sides MUST be perfectly similar, something extremely unlikely with any sort of subsurf rendering. Texturing programs and Unreal insert tris in all non tris in different ways, and a non-euclidian quad can be made into two very topographically different tris by different programs.

  • zpallen2001

    @Mink Thank you for the feedback. I spent a long time trying to figure out this issue. I eventually turned on High precision UVs inside of Unreal Engine 5 and this fixed the issue instantly,

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