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Im not sure if it has improved in M4 (I didnt read any patchnotes about it) and I dont have 4 at hand right now

but in Marmoset 3, baking low to low gives you basically no usable curvature map in most cases

3D coat does this pretty well and you can get some decent curvature maps from just the lowpoly

Today I tried redshift and it does this amazing curvature from just the lowpoly alone and this made me compare both bakes

Here is a comparison between marmoset (right) and redshift curvature, same mesh same UV, lowpoly with hard edges

The marmoset curvature texture without highpoly is usually glitched and broken. I dont expect amazing curvature from just the lowpoly but something basic workable would be really good to have

Not sure how niche Low poly bakes are but its something Ive used a lot in the past and not everyone wants to do a full highpoly all the time but still get some texture quality from the asset

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  • EarthQuake

    Toolbag generates curvature data from the high poly mesh, so if you're using a simple low poly mesh this is the expected result. It looks like redshift is doing something extra to fake curvature from a low poly mesh, this is not something that Toolbag currently supports.

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