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Looking for a 3d character artist for a top down strategy game

Hello all,

I'm in the pre-production stage for an indie strategy game (4X-lite might be a good way to describe it). I need 3D characters in the style of units from Civilization games: stylized, top-down, low-poly without looking blocky, with just enough detail to communicate their roles.

Ideally the characters would be modular: i.e. same base meshes (male/female) with additional accessories and clothing to differentiate their roles. A cloak and staff for the explorer unit, axe for woodcutter, a hat and bow for hunter, a basket for a gatherer, etc. I'd need them to be rigged to work with Unity's humanoid animations.

If you are someone who can help with the production of these assets, drop me a line. If you are someone who can provide artistic direction by setting a distinctive visual style with your work, even better. As I said in the beginning, I'm only in the research phase at the moment, but I might be able to pay for a trial run, depending on the cost.



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