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Is there a way to find upcoming or newly announced apps for ipad specifically for 3D sculpting ?

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I'm having trouble finding new apps.

The app store is the obvious options but I'm hoping to find something in the same boat as steam or epic. Where I can see upcoming apps, and just announced ones.

Because I'm looking at 3Dmodeling and sculpting type of apps, is there a more specific place to look?


  • gorgo333

    I have been looking at getting an ipad for 3D sculpting. Currently i have been trying out nomad sculpt on my phone and have really enjoyed it. But the one feature that i really want is a base mesh building tool that's similar or an alternative to zbrush zspheres.

    So im hoping that there might be another app out there that lets me create a base mesh/ armature to then import it into nomad.

  • gorgo333

    I want to get into sculpting on the ipad, there are only a few sculpting apps available. All apps that ive used don't have a dedicated feature or tool that allows to build a base mesh/armature like zspheres. I'm just looking for something similar or an alternative to zspheres, to quickly block out characters and creatures. If anyone knew of an app that has this feature that i could then import to another app like nomad sculpt would be great.

  • Eric Chadwick

    I'm going to merge your three topics, which are really all the same topic.

    You don't need to make a new topic each time, just add replies as you try new things. If no one is replying with ideas, then that's because no one has any. Anyhow I hope you find something, keep digging!

  • Eric Chadwick

    I did a Google for "iPad zspheres" and this turned up. Have you tried any of these? https://www.creativebloq.com/3d/4-mobile-sculpting-apps-put-test-91412947

  • gorgo333
  • Eric Chadwick

    It would help if you listed the apps you've tried out, and even better what's great/not great about them.

  • gorgo333

    Nomad sculpt: Its the perfect app for sculpting its the closest to zbrush on mobile.

    But it doesn’t have a dedicated tool to build base meshes in a quick way like zspheres.

    I personally find using primitives to build a base mesh slow and finicky, especially for character and creature design. Because your adding multiple shapes that you have to reshape and move to where you want it.

    What i like about a tool like zspheres is you can quickly add to your mesh and it almost has a drawing feel to it.

    I have spoken to the developer about adding a base mesh building feature. But they said they aren’t looking at something like that for awhile if ever.

    forger: Now its been awhile since ive used forger, but from what a remember its near identical to nomad sculpt.

    But i wont use forger as i don’t agree with paying subscription based fees on a productive program.

    Plus i believe nomad is the far better option out of the two.

    putty 3d: Its not perfect, it could use more features. Its quite basic and its not designed currently for high level sculpting.

    It does have potential for what i want from it. I did get in contact with the developers and they said they are in the stages of getting new updates out and hopefully adding more.

    I did ask about a zsphere type of feature, and they said they are looking at something similar but may not be out for awhile.

    I have contacted them more about this feature, but they haven’t responded in awhile.

    Sculptura: This is a good app, it does lack features you would want for sculpting like types of brushes to name one.

    I do find brush settings to be abit sensitive, like your iver doing to little or to much sculpting.

    I did contact the developer about the features i want and if theyll be implemented. But because its a one man team its not guaranteed if or when.

  • Neox
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    Neox high dynamic range

    have you tried getting in touch with the guys at nomad? maybe they are working on some kind of armature (zspheres) feature?

  • gorgo333

    I have, i believe its a single developer.

    I have asked about zspheres and a base mesh building tool but the developer said that is not on the table at the moment and wont be for awhile.

    I did retry with the developers of putty 3D to see if they get back to me on a base mesh building tool.

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