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Company Description

Envoidant Studio mission is to create cinematic immersive games that feel more like a simulation than just cookie-cutter genre fair. We’re a studio of passionate gamers who will stop at nothing to give a truly lived-in experience with a reactive world.  

Job Description

Envoidant is looking for a talented Senior Animator that can oversee the entire animation production pipeline. As a senior animator, you’d be expected to manage and edit raw motion capture data along with hand keying whatever we fail to capture while maintaining the quality of something that was motion captured. 

Daily Responsibilities

  • Maintaining an open line with the motion capture outsourcing studio

  • Collaborate with Narrative Director and Technical artist

  • Keep a clean and sorted list of all animations needed

  • Hand keying high-quality animations

  • Editing raw motion capture data

  • Be involved with the motion capture shoots

  • Implementing animations into unreal engine


  • 2 years of experience in animation working on games or in the film industry.

  • An animation reel 

  • Strong understanding of dynamic posing

  • Driving to receive, seek and provide constructive feedback.

  • Solid knowledge of animation principles and an eye for dynamic poses.

  • Experience working with motion capture.

  • Professional knowledge of Motion Builder and/or Maya.

  • Professional knowledge of Unreal Engine 

  • Outstanding creativity and a very strong commitment to a project.

Project: (220) VIGILANCE 2099 - Official UE5 Cyberpunk Gameplay Teaser #2 - YouTube

To apply: send resume and reel to "[email protected]"

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