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Company Description

Envoidant Studio mission is to create cinematic immersive games that feel more like a simulation than just cookie-cutter genre fair. We’re a studio of passionate gamers who will stop at nothing to give a truly lived-in experience with a reactive world.  

Job Description

Envoidant is looking for a talented Character Technical Designer and Rigger that can help bridge the gap between workflows between the art department and animation. This individual will be responsible for creating rigs for each character along with other tools that allow for smooth production. 

Daily Responsibilities

  • Design, create, test, and maintain character rigs/setups

  • Work with modelers to create a model that meets technical needs

  • Constant open communication with the animation department

  • Develop and maintain deformation systems

  • Develop new techniques and processes to solve character production challenges

  • Capable of writing pipeline tools to streamline the setup process

  • Maintaining awareness of all Unreal Engine’s latest toolset


  • Minimum of 1 shipped AAA game

  • 2 years of working on a commercial product

  • In-depth knowledge of Character Creators and how to set one up

  • Strong understanding of both Figure and Facial Anatomy

  • Experience setting up production pipelines, while being able to follow guidelines

  • The ability to take initiative and work independently

  • Strong understanding of Unreal Engine

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work efficiently within a team.


To apply, send your Portfolio to "[email protected]"


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