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Support Climate Change: NFT project looking for a Stylized 3D Character Artist


Nice to meet you,

I am currently launching on my own a NFT project in order to support the climate change. I will give 80% of the benefits of this NFT project to a charity and help save the planet. Currently this project is still in alpha phase where I am drafting everything. For the record, I don't have any capitalistic ideas and any getting rick-schemes with NFT. I just want to put my services out there for a great cause.

I am looking for a 3D artist that would be able to create a stylized 3D character based on some design/photo and drawing reference (Base model T-shape, texturing + polygon optimisation for web/games)

Who I am?

I am Pierre Mouchan, Entrepreneur, art director and creative front-end developer.

What I am asking:

The idea is to recreate a cute little Ficus Ginseng (a plant) into a 'professional' but still 'cartoonist and cute' 3d model.

I've gathered a lot more information on the global atmosphere and look that I want this 3d character to be.

I really have everything drawn in my mind and I know exactly where I want to go with this project.


Some rigging and animations?

Not mandatory, but if you have those kind of skills, it's a great advantage.

Another NFT project?

Not exactly, I cannot tell you more without signing any DNA but the idea is to use this model in 3d (game/web) but I am 100% to be innovative into the NFT space.


A percentage of the collection based on the work done.

Looking for more?

(Optional) I am looking for a "permanent" 3d artist that will be able to help me afterward with some little modifications (nothing crazy) on the 3d model.

Let me know if you want more information, add me on discord: Pierre M#0540 or pierre.mouchan@gmail.com

thanks for your time,


Pierre Mouchan

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