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Texturing doesn't work on seams


Sorry if this is a newbie question. Self taught 3D artist here. I got my model into Marmoset from Blender and all is well, but the seams won't take textures. I can't sort it out. I'm sure this is a simple fix, but nothing I have tried lets me paint onto these areas after my bake. You can see in the screencap the grey outlines all over the model. The most obvious is the part at the top, there is a white outline around the two triangular parts in brass.


  • yourfriendlygamedev

    Yo, in case you came across this post, it turns out my workflow was incorrect. I should've been adding my materials to the layers and working that way. Instead, I just used smart materials and dropped them directly onto the material id's. If you apply regular materials in the layer panel, it will pickup over the entire model. Then you can add smart materials accordingly. Or just use regular materials.

    Edit: I'm doing something else wrong. When I reassign new textures, those spots are white at the seams of the uvs and I can't figure out why. I've manually painted over them, but I'm sure there is a step I'm missing.

  • EarthQuake

    Make sure you have pixel padding enabled in the texture project settings. If that doesn't solve it, it could be a blur layer that is causing the seam issue. Blur works in 2D space at the moment and can create artifacts at UV seams. The sharpness setting if set to a negative value in some layer types will produce a blur which can create similar seam artifacts.

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