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[WIP][UE4]italian Summer

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Hi Everyone! I am currently working on a project and would like to have some feedback on it while I work on the foliage in this scene. I want to showcase my technical art, sculpting, and foliage So far I was able to finish everything but the vegetation but I would like feedback on what I have done so far like the lighting, props, or materials so that I can improve the scene.


This is the scene so far

Here’s the reference which is by lorenzolanfranconi on Artstation:


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    It looks great! Very similar to the reference. I would add more variation to the dirt on the ground perhaps? Mud, large cracks, more colour variation, etc. Something in the background past the fence would also ground the scene and make it more believable. These things would move it away from the reference a bit, but I think they could be beneficial. Making the lighting warmer would also help.

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