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Toxic Hot Springs - looking for feedback

Hi everyone!

I was hoping I could get some good feedback on the artwork am currently working on.

About the project: I am working on this project with another artist - I am working on concepts and he will later create 3D environments. We would like to create several smaller environments, each from a different location but in the same world/universe. Style is dark fantasy- inspired by Bloodborne, Dark Souls.

Toxic Hot Springs-

The idea for this location is that these natural hot springs became very toxic. Their surrounding became a wasteland, but we can still see some remains of buildings in the background. There are several steam vents and the whole area is mostly foggy/unclear.

I made some quick black/white sketches and later I made more detailed sketches for the 3 my partner liked the most. I'm going to post here as I continue, with hopes of getting some good feedback and comments on it.


  • killnpc
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    killnpc polycounter

    the idea behind the environment is a very strong one; it is easier to destroy than to create, or a general observation of entropy.

    these are very well crafted thumbnails, each show a strong sense of composition. their expanded color comps have found a working palette for the biome, the color alone communicates quietly rotting toxin.

    dying trees and ruined structures subtly communicate the general idea of decay. there is an opportunity you have to conceive of a feature, a landmark, that communicates more directly the story of the environment. i would start by thinking of how a natural hot spring would be utilized by its inhabitants, and then describe its abandon.

  • breerex
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    These are really great - I love the color palette, definitely reads inhospitable.

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