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LF 2D Artist Stack World (Hourly/Per Asset)

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I am looking for a 2D Artist for my game Stack World. 

Game description:

Stack World is a 2D physics-based stacking game. Place all your blocks and make sure they do not fall off before the timer hits 0.

Target audience:

Casual/puzzle audience. Price point low.


  • Working for portfolio building, exposure, credited in-game
  • Hourly rate
  • Per screen/asset


Game is created with Unity and targets PC Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Talent needed:

I am looking for a 2D artist who can make the assets described in the pdf. Starting with a main menu concept and some block concepts.


Team structure:

Me: Programmer. Can program but suck at art/design. You: 2D Artist. Communication can be via Discord. Project is on Trello.




Additional info:

I have been gaming since we got a NES with SMB1 and I am still gaming. Mostly StarCraft 1&2 on PC. Since 2003 my interest for programming and game development started.

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