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[PAID][REMOTE][CONTRACT] 3D Animator at Madruga Works

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Madruga Works, the creators of Planetbase and Dawn of Man, are looking for an experienced animator to create a wide range of rigs and animations for human characters and creatures from an upcoming title.


- Creation of rigs and animation cycles for both humanoid and non humanoid characters and creatures for the game.


- Being able to create efficient bone setups and rigs for a wide range of character and creatures with different types of anatomy.

- Strong knowledge of character kinematics, deformations and topology.

- Strong knowledge of character skinning and the involved technical workflows.

- Being able to create professional quality animation cycles.

- Proficiency in Unity (At least to export the animations and test them ingame).

- Proficiency in Blender (We could consider applicants who work using other software if they're especially skilled).

- Being an organized person, able to follow naming conventions consistently.

- Being familiar with version control (SVN).

Extra Points:

-Experience creating animations for 2.5D games.

-Experience creating rigs and animations for tentacled creatures.

-Available on GMT +/- 3 hours

If you think that you match the previous requirements, please send us your portfolio and your usual rates to "jobs at madrugaworks dot com" (Please mention “Animator” in the subject).

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