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I could use some expert advice on this. I have my gun with physics constraints setup along with cables. This will attached to a aircraft that will slowly lower this gun to the ground, which will cause the cables to sag out of tension. Once its on the ground the top hook will be released and fall to the ground along with the cables. So if you watch the video "In Game" you can see it interacts with the ground when it falls. I am having problem hooking this whole Blueprint up to a animated mesh and keeping the physics. So in this example I am using a box thats animated ( kind of like my aircraft would be ) and keeps them together in Sequence but once I hit game mode it breaks the animation in the sequencer.

If you watch the enclosed video you can see my issue.


Not sure how to solve this and I am not even sure if I have the physics setup correctly. Any help would be appreciated. pick up mark 1:25-1:45 drop mark 3:00-3:32

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