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self generated .OBJ formatting problem (no meshes?)


I wrote a python program to write a .obj file based on geometry outputted from openCV. If I import it into Blender, it works, but any other program like windows' built in 3d viewer or 3dviewer.net will show it as blank or fail to import it with an error: The model doesn't contain any meshes.

The file can be viewed here:

It consists of only line primitives, besides the vertices and indices, I only added the separating line "s off" just because that appeared on other models. Any help pointing out what I got wring is much appreciated!



  • poopipe
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    Those viewers probably expect triangles - if you don't have any they won't be able to render it.

    Just add some, shouldn't be too difficult if you're generating edges as you have all the information you need

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