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[PAID] 3D Animation of a pommel horse gymnastics routine (20 seconds)

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I feel like my requirements are going to be too picky for anyone to want to do this, but we'll see how it goes.

This job is for The Ditty of Carmeana, which going to be published soon. (April 1, 2022, if nothing bad happens.) I have contracted out character artwork for the game several times with artists I found here.

I need a 3d animation of a pommel horse gymnastics routine, 20 seconds in length.

Animation is to be delivered in Blender 2.79. (Unfortunately my toolchain is based on that version and incompatible with Blender 2.8 and above, so the animation has to work in Blender 2.79.) I will give you a Blender file with a simple rigged character of the correct dimensions in a base pose (which is not a typical base pose). I don't care what tool you use to create the animation, as long as you can import it into Blender 2.79 and it looks correct. The delivered animation can't rely on inverse kinematics or constraints, but of course you can develop it with IK or constraints then bake it.

Routine should start from a handstand on top of the pommel horse, do several of those scisssor moves (where the gymnast straddles the pommel horse and rocks each leg across the horse), and several turns where the gymnast swings their legs in a circle while walking up and down the horse on their hands, and then a dismount.

Also the "pommel horse" will not have those handle thingies, and it's infinitely long. It'll be included in the model for reference. Animation should be at least 20 seconds in length. Don't care too much about the frame rate, the game engine can tween frames just fine but too much time between frames and the hands won't remain fixed. I'd say baking it at 30 fps is fine.

This is not something I'm going to be overly picky over or have too much feedback for, as it's for a kind of throwaway gag. As long as it meets the above specs and looks halfway smooth and decent, I'll take it.

Needed by March 25, about two weeks from this post.

If for some reason you are interested, first be sure you can reliably get the animation to look correct in Blender 2.79. (I have found that importing animations into Blender is not entirely robust, and in particular things like unexpected base poses can cause trouble.)

Then, please bid for a fixed price, not per hour. Please give me a link to your existing portfolio that shows prior animation work. (I will not consider bids without a pre-existing portfolio, nor bids where the "portfolio" is just a Google drive folder. If you want to supplement your existing portfolio with some animations you post in the message that's fine.) Thanks.

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