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[PAID] 3D Environment Artist For Advance Wars inspired Strategy Game!

Hey Polycount,

I’m a solo developer with publisher support working on Lost Construct — a 3D turnbased strategy game largely inspired by the Advance Wars series. I’m looking for an intermediate-level 3D environment artist and/or generalist to help revamp the environment of the game based on some concept art.

What I’m looking for:

  • At least a few years of professional experience as a 3D artist (texturing and modeling)
  • Unity experience
  • A good grasp of English

Also nice to have:

  • A good knowledge of shaders
  • Experience with 3D strategy games

This work would be more of a side gig and should be easy to fit into your schedule (I have no strict deadlines). I’m also open to a lot of creative input from the artists I work with. Yes this is paid work but I’d also like it to be as fun and low-stress as possible.


Message me or send an email to ringsinteractive[at]gmail[dot]com with a link to your portfolio or some samples of your work.

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