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[WIP] Hand-painted texture - Tips to improve the current texturing?

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Hi guys, first time here so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my question and I hope there are plenty of Handpaint artists around here that can give me some nice tips to improve myself.

Anyway, back to the topic.

I've been texturing a sculpt I made in zbrush and retopo in blender with 3D coat (I've seen people using 3D coat for diffuse-only hand-painted textures, so I thought this is industry standard rather than using substance painter, if I'm wrong please advise).

As you can see I'm in a point where I tried to polish it as much as possible and I'm basically ready to fix some imperfection on the mesh and marmoset it, but before that I want your opinions/critique and see if I can improve this piece even more (for a better look on my portfolio)

In the attached picture you'll find (all-in-one):

• The portrait from different angles

• The UV Map (I know, I could've done a better job with those seams, this is basically the first time I work with UV's and texturing and I couldn't find a guide to apply the right seams on the head but I've a learn a lot from today's mistakes and I'm sure I'll do better on my next project, I promise 😂)

• And the reference picture (about the reference, I haven't applied the same lightning, I figure it is better focusing on a standard top light texturing for now).

I'll already thank you all for your contribution.

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