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Stonebreak - Small team seeking 3d generalist & concept artist.

👋 Hello!

Our team is looking to add a 3D Generalist & Concept Artist to our roster. We're working on a small-scale MVP game concept that we can show a slice of gameplay of in 6-8 months. Our current team is 9 people, We are all volunteers with full time jobs that are working on this project for fun in our free time. I've listed out each of the team member's specialization below.

  • Generalist Programmer
  • Network Engineer (2)
  • UI Engineer
  • Web / Database Engineer
  • Game Designer
  • UI/ UX Artist
  • Level Designer
  • Jr. 3D Artist / Animator

Note: Since we're all volunteers, we have no hard requirements around work hours, how much work you need to do. We expect if you join the team that you are interested in working on the project and contributing on a regular basis.

I've posted a little bit about the game below, but we're also happy to answer any questions here in the thread or via voice chat on Discord!

  • Small scale networking test for MVP (supporting 100 concurrent players in a zone)
  • Runescape inspired skilling system. Starting with two skills (Mining & Woodcutting for MVP)
  • Toon-shaded characters, weapons, tools, and low poly textured assets for environment. Our high level goal is taking inspiration from Genshin Impact & Breath of the Wild for visual style.
  • Fluid combat & harvesting style similar to BOTW. Action combat, no camera / z targeting.

What we're looking for in both volunteer roles:

🖌️ 3D Generalist / Animator

  • Ability to model low poly characters & character assets (armor, weapons, etc.)
  • Ability to model low poly environment, foliage, props (buildings, trees, bushes, crates, rocks, etc.)
  • Ability to animate 3d characters, props, etc.
  • Familiarity with shaders & particle systems in Unity a big plus but not required.
  • Familiarty with Unity a big plus.

🖌️ Concept Artist - You will have complete creative freedom around establishing art direction and visual style.

  • Ability to concept characters, armors, weapons, etc.
  • Ability to concept environments, buildings, props.
  • Familiarity with Unity a big plus.

I've included a screenshot of our current UI mock ups, and some of the assets we're using from the Unity Store as placeholders to try and establish our visual direction. Thank you for taking the time to read through our post. If you're interested, drop your Discord tag and we can chat further there. 🙂


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