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Help with color for model

Hello, I have difficulty with one particular aspect and I came to you for help on this matter.

Please, tell me some simple color solutions.

What colors to take, how to mix them, how to work with gradients, how to shade, where to put accents.

Perhaps you have some solutions that you came to over the years of practice, and you can share them?

If you do not understand this, but you definitely have links to lessons, guides, tutorials - please let me know

If you have a friend who understands exactly this, please share the contact.

I understand that the question is complicated, I understand that my model may lag behind in flow, anatomy, shapes, silhouette - nevertheless, I ask you to answer exactly in terms of colors.

Thanks :)


  • Sora123
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    Sora123 polycounter lvl 4

    I like your D and E version because it is easy to see what is flesh and it's readable what is metal. I also like A purely because of the colour of it’s ornaments. Maybe you can push versin A further in term of what is flesh and what is metal?

  • pixelpatron
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    pixelpatron interpolator

    I think "C: could be the most striking if you went with green eyes to compliment the red. Although I'd make the middle armor a dark maroon desaturated burgundy. Also going lighter or pinkish on the ends of extremities will go a long way in believability (ends of ears/horns/fingertips/nose..etc). Really push the darks under the brows and give contrast for the yellow colored eyes with green iris. I dunno if I love the floating cords around the shoulders...I'd make those gold ontop of the red, and possibly just have them on the bottom (ditching the middle and top one...less is more). Same with the marbles around the chest, pick one or make one bigger and the other way smaller, they are too similar and distracting...again less is more..

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