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Showcase/Request for help: Houdini HDA Python Tool

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Hello! I'm working on a tool that allows an end user to customize an HDA without ever opening Houdini and then export an FBX. Think Houdini Engine, but it could be used for a proprietary engine, Blender, or anything not supported by Houdini Engine. I have a video that shows this tool working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzM0sSMEtCg

The only problem is there is no way for the end user to see what they are doing. I'm trying to construct a 3D preview using OpenGL (because wxpython, the library I'm using to build the interface, has an OpenGL canvas) and pyassimp, but so far I have only hit roadblocks for drawing anything more complicated than a cube. Has anyone successfully created their own 3D viewport, esp. with python? Is there another way to go about this? Any information at all would be appreciated!

Also, if you have other suggestions I would love to hear them!


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