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[RevShare] Looking for Team Members for a Modern FPS

Pay: RevShare 

Company Name: Aenderoameada Software

Website: https://www.aenderoameadasoftware.com/

YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UC14bEQiPAPdEXiLr2w6TPTg

Game Name: Untiled 

Game Genre: Modern FPS

Story Overview: The world is on the brink of war as Russian continues to be an aggressor towards Ukraines sovereignty. As war seems inevitable corrupt governments start to rise and seize this moment in panic.

Gameplay: Modern First Person Shooter that is focusing on polished gunplay, movement, and tactical gameplay. Along with fully customizable weapons with unique and groundbreaking Game Modes and Maps to play on.

Current Stage: Game is multiplayer playable and getting ready for Demo. 

Looking for:

Generalist Programer: Love for FPS games able to create and implement and pushing the boundaries with knowledge of   C++.

Level Designer: Someone who is able to create amazing beautiful maps that visually could tell a story without any story being written.

Concept Artist: A love for pushing their skills to the max and being able to flush out environments and characters from our co-op missions to our multiplayer maps.

UI/UX Designer: Able to create clean and beautiful UI from the main menu screen to the in game HUD. With knowledge of Unreal Engine and repositories.

Animator: Able to create flawless animations for weapons and players alike. Having skills using Unreal Engine and Repositories.

You can message me through Discord: Sean S.#3970 or Email: ssingleton2582@gmail.con with more questions or concerns.

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