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Survey 3D Modeling Techniques, university thesis project

Hey there,

I am currently writing my Master's thesis at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany). As part of the thesis, I have a short survey for all 3D artists out there. 

The questions are primarily about how artists would choose their type of workflow for a given scenario. It's not complicated, just a few multiple choice decisions. The survey is anonymous and takes about 10 minutes of your time.      

You can find it under the following link: https://forms.gle/89BrxqZshQhH3aSK7

Feel free to share it with other 3D artists as well. If you have any questions or feedback, just post a comment below.

Many thanks to all participants for their support!


  • pior
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    pior godlike master sticky

    Well ... to be frank the questions about modelling and texturing these assets are pretty much completely meaningless because these kind of choices are not made by the artists out of personal preferences ; they are made by the art leads at the end of the pre-production cycle, factoring in the engine specifications, the target platform(s), and the budget. And to some extent, what their team happens to have the most expertise in.

    I understand that this can sound blunt, but I honestly think that any numbers you'll get out of these two questions will litterally have no value whatsoever ... and might even be detrimental to your thesis if the reviewers (or whatever they're called) have practical game art experience from working at studios.

  • Gab3De

    Thanks for the feedback. You are right, it works differently in a studio. But that should not be the aim of the survey. I want to know what you as an artist based on your experience think and which techniques you would choose for each model. In the end, it's about finding out if there's a general trend in what works best for a model. E.g If model size, shape or complexity lead to a different choice of techniques. What influence does the object have on the choice of techniques... etc.

    I think the fictional scenario is misleading.  I will change that. 

  • Gab3De

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone else is interested in filling out the survey because I need a few more people. If there are any concerns, the survey has been discussed and accepted by my Thesis Examiners, so any response will be of value.

    Thanks again to everyone!

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