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Knight Mecha

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Hello! This is my first every post on ploycount. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this project I'm doing for school. It's supposed to be a basically a robot knight. I would appreciate any and all feedback!


  • oreoorbitz
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    oreoorbitz polycounter lvl 9

    Looks good, I would reccomend you start with making sure that the sillhoute and proportions are as attractive as possible, I can't really put my finger on it since a mech doesn't have realistic proportions, but I think the proportions and sillhoute can be adjusted some more to be more appealling.

  • Ashrai
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    Ashrai polycounter lvl 9

    It's neat looking, but it does look a bit bowlegged. Also maybe add some bulk to the hip area on the vertical axis. This thing needs some tassets (thigh armor) as the leg spindles look like a very fine target. I do like how you've done the feet.

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