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[Freelance - Paid] Head 2 Head, a Stylish 3D Roguelike fighting game with rollback netcode

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Hello! We are currently working on a game called Head 2 Head. It is currently out on Steam Early Access but we are looking to put together an improved package to potentially seek funding from a publisher. We currently have our own small budget to get a limited scope vertical slice done.

Woolie has also made a video about Head 2 Head when we first launched early access.

We are currently looking to hire a few freelance/contract positions. These positions are separate but if you can wear many hats, you will be paid for each role you fit.

Character Concept Artist:

We have 13-20 characters to design. 4 of them will be redesigned based on some of the art that already exists. We are aiming to have a unified artstyle between the characters and environment.

Environment Concept Artist:

We need fighting arenas to be designed per area of the roguelike single player mode. There are at minimum 10.

Character Modeling:

For our Vertical Slice, we are looking to have 5 characters modeled, rigged and animated. UVs and Textures not required. We are doing all of our character art with polygroups separated by materials.

Character Rigging:

Each character should share a common skeleton, so we can share animations between them, reducing the need for unique animations. We're using Unreal Engine 4 so skeleton sharing shouldn't be an issue.

Character Animation:

The movesets are limited but each character has their own fighting game archetype style. We will need 5 characters to have unique animations. Each character will have 100 animations, but the bulk of them will be reused get hit animations that only need to be made once.

Environment Modeling:

Environments also do not require UVs or textures. Instead we want to focus on strong silhouette which will stand up with the game's aesthetic.

If you are interested, please email ArcForged@gmail.com.

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