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We are indie developers working on the game Kalyskah, an open-world action RPG with erotic elements where you play as a vampire who has awakened after a long, long time of slumber. You can download your demo here if you want to know more.

We are hiring someone that can work part-time to help our team to improve our level design and also to create new areas on it.


  • Work on new areas, both exterior and interiors;
  • Keep communication flowing through discord with the game designer;
  • Fulfil a list of tasks with flexible working hours every month;
  • Optimize what we currently have


  • Knowledge on how to better approach the optimization for an open-world game (On the artistic side);
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 (Which is the engine we use);
  • Knowledge of handling collisions, splines, LODs, etc;
  • Having a notion about game-flow, since part of the job will also require the design of dungeons and puzzles (Although the actual blueprints of such puzzles can be programmed by someone else);
  • We work with packs most of the time, so knowing how to model new assets from scratch is not necessary, we are more worried about the composition.

How we will work together?

  • We have a monthly budget that we will be paying for you to work on a list of tasks every month;
  • We use codecks to set the tasks and manage the progress, and we discuss them through discord;
  • Since we get our budget through Patreon, as the project budget grows, so will the payment of the members of the team.

Some pictures of our level:

Thank you very much and if you are interested, you can reach us at [email protected] or, preferable, on discord: Corintio#6761since sometimes we might miss some emails.

We also have a discord server if you'd like to join and ping me (Corintio) there: https://discord.gg/qTx9Csv

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