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State machine driven by Enum

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andreygheorghe polycounter lvl 10

Hi!How can I drive the current animation in State machine by the state of an Enum variable I made in character's blueprint?I have the blueprint working just fine,showing what state my character is,but how can I translate this to State machine?Can some of you point me to a tutorial or smth?I attached my blueprint below.Thanks!


  • andreygheorghe
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    andreygheorghe polycounter lvl 10

    Ok,I mostly figured out by myself how to get the Enum var in Animation blueprint,all I had to do is cast to my character and get it from there.Then in Anim blueprint I created another Enum variable and set it to be the same as the one in character blueprint.I also updated my original character blueprint,seems like I had to use Set nodes not Switch :).I only have one problem,I never get the Jump Windup state.Anyone has any idea why?It's the one after Jump is pressed,if I delete the Delay node I get it to register,but I need to delay the jump so I can play Windup animation.I've attached the blueprints.

    This part works fine,I get all states registered:

    Here is my problem,the Enum never seems to register JumpWindup:

    And here is my Animation Blueprint:

    That function only check for EnumAnimation state and matches it with the original Enum from Character BP.

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