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[Freelance, Paid] Look Dev Artist/Lighting/Rendering

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Hi everyone,

We are working on a short within Maya for an animated stylized spec commercial.

We are looking for an experienced Look Dev/Texture Artist/Grooming Artists that is capable of also handling lighting and rendering. The exact rendering platform has not been determined. This is something we can discuss and come to an agreement on.

The artist will be responsible for grooming, texturing and shading of two characters.

The job is of course remote. You can work from home. All that is required to provide updates of progress.

We have a small team that consist of a 3d generalist and an animator.

The Look Dev artists would start in about 2 weeks. We can discuss the exact timeline when animated shots would be ready for rendering and lighting.

Work is PAID.

If interested, please send resume and work examples to [email protected]

Looking forward to working with you!


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