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[WIP] - Bolingbroke's ruins

Hello ! I'm new on Polycount and I want to share my last project, Bolingbroke's ruins. Don't hesitate if you have some feedback 😁

This will be the subject of my final exam. To begin, I've started from the concept of Gilles Beloeil, Brolingbroke, Salle du trône made for Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Link : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AqEAee) :

Concept by Gilles Beloeil

Then I've create my moodboard from his concept. The purpose was to work from a concept, so I didn't use screens of the game.

For the little part of foliage, I've searched according to the localisation Old Bolingbroke in Lincolnshire, in the UK and living conditions (dark room, humidity,...).

Blockout in Maya

I will update soon !


  • Aiylana

    Walls Texture in designer :

    Paving Texture in Designer :

    I had to lighten the base color of this one because of the result in unreal was far too dark.

  • Aiylana

    Hi ! I'm back with some update. I've could progress on the scene :)

    I need to finish differents props like boxes, books and the throne's texture , repair my floor parallax and vertex color to paint moss on my walls. I will change the lighting, improve my decals shaders and add some moss and humidity patches with decals. I will make the willow tree too ( I confess, I've forgot it 😅).

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