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Finally finished with this gun. It was created in Fusion 360 and after that imported in Blender for clean up. Baking was done in Marmoset Toolbag and texturing in Substance Painter.

SIG MPX: 24K tris

AN/PEQ-15: 3.6K tris

Romeo 5 optic: 2.7K tris

I hope you like it!


  • sacboi
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    sacboi high dynamic range

    Overall this weapon looks good, also I markedly like your material component definition 👍️

    • Upper/Lower Receiver - Hard Coat Anodized (Cast Steel)
    • Barrel - Cold Hammer Forged Carbon Steel
    • Grip & Mag - Polymer
    • Forend - Alloy
    • Rails - Cast Steel
    • Stock - Alloy
  • kanga
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    kanga quad damage

    Pretty tight model! Well done.

  • rexo12
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    rexo12 interpolator

    Very nice!

    How did your clean-up go? What's your process (with blender specifically)?

    I've been thinking about playing with Fusion & similar for hard-surface but the idea of basically having to retopo everything on export puts me off.

  • Pixellate_786

    Thank you guys for the feedback, after getting some critiques I decided to do texturing again. Because right now it's looking kinda boring and flat. Will be posting here soon

  • Pixellate_786

    There are two ways to go from Fusion to mesh, one way is to go from Fusion to Moi3D. In Moi3D you get a lot of control decided how high or low poly you want the model and how you want the curvatures to look. The second way is directly from Fusion to Blender using .stl export piece by piece. When you are exporting from Fusion to .stl you get a slider which control poly count, most of the time minimum value will work but you can play around with for each part. After you import all the parts in Blender it's just a matter of merging together unwanted vertices and remove some tris. For the high poly mesh I have used the same mesh(because I have added most of the details as normal details) and did the remesh workflow which Chamferzone has shown in his revolver course. That's all I did, I hope it helps!

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