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[FILLED][PAID] Animator for FPS, Robotic & Biological Entities

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We need a dedicated animator who can animate for our game. We have several weapons which must be animated for a set of FPS male / female arms. The exported animations will require the blendshapes included to be present. We also have a camera bone that must be animated as well. Most of the entities will be bipedal, but we have some quadrupeds as well. We have a lot of robots as well as humans and other four legged creatures. We also have a giant plant monster, a giant robotic colossus and some multi-legged robots which will be boss fights that will need some integration to get right in the game. We have some systems in the game that will allow for customization of these entities, so you need to work with us to get these systems working with the animations you will create.

We are looking for someone who can commit long-term and provide their own passions for the project. If things work well future projects coming up as well as other opportunities will certainly be considered.

An example of our current FPS animations can be seen here in the most left-handed column: Desysia Art | Trello


  • Work from our visions to create fully realized animations
  • Create game ready versions of assets for Unity


  • Deep understanding of realism in animation
  • Motivated and striving for the best
  • Well Spoken English
  • Ability to work well with Remote Teams
  • Openness to feedback


  • Experience in Unity
  • Knowledge of blendshapes
  • Love for Sci-Fi
  • Passion for Video Games!

We ask that you only apply if you can give us a majority of your time. We are looking for a full time independent contractor. We need someone who can complete our requirements in the given time frame of the next 3-6 months starting from the hire date. Please send your rates, as well as a portfolio of your past work. We look for quality production value and we know there are many talented people out there who may not have long term experience. We do ask that you have an efficient work flow that allows you to produce results fairly quickly while maintaining quality.

Please, DO NOT APPLY if the following applies:

  1. You do not have the time to send a proper introduction
  2. You do not have any animation work in your portfolio
  3. You are a team of people (singular individuals only)
  4. You are not well versed in English

We will not waste our or your time with a response if you do not fit any of those qualifications. We will require a small unpaid animation test as well before committing to hire.

Please send applications to jobs[at]rottenvisions.com and place [Polycount - Animator] in your subject line.

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