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Fantasy/Steampunk Character Artist needed for FAST work. Deadline 20th of February

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arcaneminis polycounter lvl 2

Hey there. We have a need for a skilled fantasy character artist. We have more work than we can handle with our in-house artists atm.

We would love the highest quality of finish on the work, but atm we are okay with it being done slightly faster


  1. Illustrate head, torso and arms of each character
  2. Characters will be of a fantasy/steampunk aesthetic. I will share more images of specific aesthetics for the person we like the most and want to hire.
  3. Total of pieces 15-25. Please quote based on this.
  4. Should work in batches of 10 characters at once sketching them all out and progressing them all at the same time.
  5. Please only submit if you know you can deliver in the next 20 days.

Please provide your portfolio or examples of your artwork for reference

We will be selecting someone by EOD on Monday the 31st of January EST

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