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[WIP] Barbarus Scrapyard

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the_good_owl polygon

Hey all! Starting on my LAST EVER project for school! Going to be creating a stylized Warhammer 40k junkyard with a hero piece in the center and lots of modular buildings around. Going for a more stylized painterly Disco Elysium meets Crash Bandicoot 4 aesthetic. I want to use lots of brushstrokes but still keep the scene PBR. Here is my reference sheet, but I'm super inspired by the concept art at the top right by Bigball Gao. I don't want to recreate the scene 1 for 1, I want to incorporate a lot of Death Guard and Maggotkin elements from Warhammer to make it clearly belong in that world. I've been painting a lot of Nurgle miniatures lately and I want to add that sort of exaggeration to the style of the scene.

I created a really messy rough blockout in VR to help with scale as I start creating my main building kit. Medium has made the early part of my workflow so much faster, highly recommend for those with a headset.

Excited to have y'all join me on this journey!


  • the_good_owl
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    the_good_owl polygon

    I like to start with some tiling materials as well to get a sense for the stylization of the scene. I've been playing around with brushstroke filters in Designer and I'm a fan of the results I've been getting! This is definitely giving me the rusted metal feel I'm looking for.

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