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[WIP] Feedback on Tom Holland likeness sculpt

Hey everyone!

Im still very much a beginner when it comes to sculpting faces but Im trying to improve it. Thats why im currently working on a project to sculpt a Tom Holland likeness study in ZBrush.

I feel like the general anatomy seems fitting but i cant seem to get his feature to resemble him accurately. I do not know what i am missing since ive been staring at this for hours and would like some fresh eyes and opinions to help me out. Im currently at the stage where id like the core features to be correct so i can fix the typology for the more detailed sculpting and breaking the symmetry.

Looking forward to any kind of feedback!

These are my main references:


  • JohannesAg
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    JohannesAg greentooth

    well you def got some resemblance going there, assuming this is dynamesh I would for sure retopo at this point and start working on the lower subdivs and finesse those shapes in there. I wouldn't jump into details just yet. Neck and skull are looking a bit strange in the three quarter view, would take a look at that, the neck feels overly defined as well.

    Happy sculpting!

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