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Where can I find or how can I make a shader that Blends a mesh with Terrain for Unity 2019 ?

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I'm a 3D Artist and I want to implement terrain blending in my scene. I'm working on version 2019.4.12f1. The thing is that I can't find anywhere online this kind of tool or rather I can't find anywhere how can I make it from scratch. Does anyone know of a way that I can implement the terrain to blend with my meshes? I want the ground to blend smoothly with the rocks I have added to my scene.

If there is an asset like that online I can buy it would be the best, but a tutorial (if there is any) would be no problem.

This is a video example of what I'm looking for, here he doesn't explain how he has done it, only he showcases it. He also has made a part 2 that somehow explains it but I cant understand anything.


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