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I am usually going to share my modeling breakdowns here. The satisfying process that goes from block-out to high-poly.


  • KebabEmperor

    Petzl Strix VL Headlamp.

    Block-Out 1:

    I keep this as non-destructive as possible. As I am playing with proportions I should be able to change values freely.

    Block-out with Screw & Mirror modifiers only:

    Block-out with Bevel modifier:

    Block-out 2:

    To add further details, I had to weld some primitives & apply some modifiers:

    Base-mesh is where I weld every mesh and apply all modifiers.

    High-poly: Added details and support loops:

    High-poly wires:

    Started with this one, I will add more stuff eventually.

  • KebabEmperor

    Garrett GT2554R Turbocharger:

    I started this turbocharger project last month to practice loose modeling. This type of modeling is of course different from your classic strict modeling.

    I feel like this type of modeling relies on artist more, so artist needs to see the future to avoid problems; which requires practice, as always. ¬_¬



    Blockout: Getting accurate shapes in a non-destructive way and matching segments (which I think I've failed to do)

    Basemesh: Welding objects, the better your Blockout is, the less painful this step will be.

    High-Poly: I ruined the hex bolts...

    Low Poly: Wastegate actuator too faceted

    I would say it's a good start to this type of modeling, just need to pay more attention to segments and geo density.

    ArtStation Link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3qL3K2

    Also going to take proper screenshots from now on, with consistent angles

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