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3DS Max - How to bake an animation - trajectories are gone?

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TorQue[MoD] polycounter lvl 17

So it used to be if I had an animation, let's say of a fish swimming, and I wanted to make said fish look like they're jumping out of the water, I could simply add a circle spline to the scene, link the root bone of the fish skeleton to the circle, then rotate the circle adding key frames, and then go to Motion - Trajectories and collapse the animation down to every frame and delete the circle and I'd have a new updated animation of the fish jumping out of the water.

It looks like this doesn't work in the latest versions of Max. When I go to the motion panel now, there's Motion Paths in place of Trajectories, and if I collapse the animation, and delete the circle, I lose everything. That tells me it's not actually collapsing the animation. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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