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How do you make Detail Normal maps?

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I’ve recently learnt about Detail Normal maps and how they can be used to add tileable surface details. I should point out, in my case, that I want to use them for characters, for things like skin pores etc. The only thing I’m not sure about, and I haven’t been able to find any tutorials so far, is how you go about baking them. What’s the process exactly? And how do you ensure they’re tileable?



  • suspectlogic
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    suspectlogic polycounter lvl 13

    I haven’t baked detail normal maps myself. I found they’re too low in priority to invest a ton of time into(but that’s just my opinion from the work I’ve done).

    You could try Substance Designer, there’s a good deal of noise textures that tile by default.

    Also look into https://texturing.xyz/ if you’re going for photo realism. That site is great because there’s a lot of high res photo sourced textures for human applications. You could even simply reference the textures if you’re really wanting to create detail textures from scratch. :)

    Final note, human face topology is interesting because the frequency and type of details will differ depending on the area of the face you’re focusing on. The website I posted above will have different noise textures for different areas of the face .

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