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3ds Max UV vertex selection to poly vertex selection? (Or Alternative: Blender)

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oXYnary polycounter lvl 17

I need to use a selection of vertices from a UV map to go up the 3ds max stack to an edit poly above so that I can then do specific vertex colors on these vertices alone. This only works on faces from the UV unwrap. If there is no way to do this in max, is there a way to do it in Blender (note: my Blender knowledge is very basic)?


  • gnoop
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    gnoop polycounter

    in Blender it's "UV sync selection" button in top left corner of UV pane .Then any selection in UV pane reflects in 3d view on a mesh. With Ctrl+TAb you can switcht to vertex paint mode and have your selection still on to then fill selected faces or vertexes with selected color by Shift+K or by brush painting.

    As I remember it's no problem in Max too but I unsubscribed so can't check it

  • thomasp
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    thomasp quad damage

    In Blender if you anticipate having to revisit those vertex selections at some later time you can save them to a vertex group - found as a category/palette under object data properties (green triangle icon) in the righthand panel. With the vertex selection active, click the plus symbol and assign them to the newly created group. Might be rather handy.

    I'm years out of date on Max but face selection being the only type you could extract from the UV editor sounds correct to me unless something changed in the last few releases.

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    That certainly always was the case.

    You can create selection groups in the same way in max (named selection sets I think ) - they might carry up the stack .

    Otherwise a small script that stores the vertex indices and reselects them sounds a lot more convenient than switching applications.

    It's probably worth looking in the scripting section, sounds like a problem someone will have already solved to me

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